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Please note that the RCMP detachment will no longer provide completed Criminal Record Checks while you wait. The anticipated wait time for a completed Criminal Record Check will be two weeks. This additional wait time means that those applying for substitute positions within the Division (including those requiring a Limited Teaching Permit) will need to plan accordingly.

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Turtle Mountain School Division is located in the southwestern corner of the province of Manitoba, directly north of the Canada/US border. Within its boundaries you will find the towns of Killarney, Boissevain, Ninette, Minto and Dunrea, and all or portions of the rural municipalities of Turtle Mountain, Morton, Roblin, Strathcona, Argyle, Whitewater, and Riverside. Total population for the area exceeds 10,000. This population being represented by a total of nine trustees from three separate wards.

Turtle Mountain School Division oversees the operation of seven schools: four Hutterian schools,
one K - 8 school and two K - 12 schools as well as two Adult Education Centres.




Substitutes for 2014-2015 School year

Turtle Mountain School Division will require SUBSTITUTE teachers, educational assistants, custodians, bus drivers and school secretaries for the 2014/2015 school year. Anyone wishing to be considered is asked to contact the undersigned.

Claire Dubyts or Crysi Magwood
Turtle Mountain School Division
Telephone: (204) 523-7531

School Trustee Candidates


The  time  is  rapidly  approaching for voters to decide  who will shape and direct  local education for  the next  four years. School trustee elections will take place October  22, 2014 but  it is not too early  to think about  who  you would like to see as candidates for this important  office.

Having good trustee candidates in the upcoming election is critical because school boards decide how education is delivered locally, including the operation of schools. School board policies and decisions directly impact the development of our children and affect community interests.

That's  why, on  behalf of our  board,  I  would encourage  anyone with an interest in children and a vision for local education to consider  running for trustee.  The period for filing nomination papers is September 10 to 16, 2014 inclusive.

Our central office has information about becoming a school board trustee. We would encourage people to stop by or call to have the information sent to you.   Trustees are also available to speak about trusteeship.    Call our central office a t 523-7531 for more information.

Yours truly, Garth Nichol
Chairperson, Turtle Mountain School Division

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Kindergarten to Grade 3 Class Size Initiative

As part of the collaborative planning process for the five-year implementation of the Kindergarten to Grade 3 class size initiative (20K3), school divisions will maintain a K-3 class size tracker to monitor progress on reducing K-3 class sizes.

Effective September 30, 2012, school divisions are required to report class sizes publicly. This report is available on the TMSD website at the link provided below.

K-3 Class Sizes as of January 1, 2014


TMSD Safe and Caring Schools

TMSD Assessment and Evaluation Handbook


The Manitoba Public School Employees Benefits Plans



"Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing". - Barry Finlay

Community Use of Facilities

All residents of Turtle Mountain School Divsiion are encouraged to use the facilities of any school in the Division. Residents can request a permit for after-hours use of school facilities provided there is no conflict with school programming. For more information on the Division's policy regarding the use of facilities, please select the following link:

F-1 (Use of Facilities Policy)

To request permissions to use Division facilities, please fill out the following form:

3-I (Use of School Facilities Agreement)

Once the form has been completed, please return the form to the school you indicated in the agreement.

Other documents regarding the Community Use of Schools/Facilities are: The Public Schools Amendment Act (Community Use of Schools) and Manitoba School Boards Association - Education Legislation Update, May 23, 2012.

For more information regarding the Use of Facilities agreement please contact our Secretary-Treasurer, Kathy Siatecki by either emailing her at or by calling the TMSD Board Office (204) 523-7531.