Negotiations Committee

The Negotiations Committee:

  1. Prepares for and conducts negotiations with all parties and employee groups. The Committee operates under direction from the Board as to the Board's priorities and parameters.
  2. The Committee reviews all opening proposals.
  3. The Committee then continues to negotiate while keeping the Board updated.
  4. Should an agreement in-committee be reached, all Board members should be notified as soon as possible.

Taken from Procedure A-6 (Standing Committee Guidelines)


Teacher's Professional Development Committee

Information coming soon.


Workplace Safety and Health Committee

The main concern of the WSH Committee is to provide a means for employees and employers to work together in a reasonable and
co-operative way to identify and resolve safety and health problems in the workplace. The Committee further attempts to develop practices and procedures that will provide for health in the workplace. Development of education and training programs is also a priority of the Committee.

The general duties are:

  • The receipt, consideration and disposition of concerns and complaints relative to safety and health in a workplace.
  • Identification of risks to the safety and health of workers and/or other persons in the workplace
  • Development and promotion of a safety program including co-operation with Safety and Health Officers and the development of the educational programs.
  • Maintenance of a record of committee activities.
  • Such other duties as may be specified in the Act.

Taken from the Procedure Manual: 5-F (Workplace Safety Health Committee Guidelines)