In December of 2013, Manitoba Government created a set of legislation to remove barriers to accessibility. The Accessibility for Manitobans Act sets out a path to identify, remove, and prevent barriers in key areas of daily living. 

Barriers to accessibility can be anything that limits or restricts a person from being able to receive information, services and goods, access space, or partake in activities. A barrier may prevent access to housing, transportation, employment, or education.

Removing these barriers will give Manitobans, regardless of ability, the opportunity to participate in everyday activities and the ability to access and benefit from a system, service, product, or environment. 

Turtle Mountain School Division is committed to providing inclusive education and employment to our students and staff, respectively. 


  1. Accessibility Employee Emergency Response Plan
  2. Accessibility Memo
  3. Accessibility Request Feedback Form
  4. Accommodation Plan Procedure
  5. Employee Emergency Information Form