Important Definitions
School of Choice is defined as the ability of a pupil to select, for attendance purposes, a school other than their assigned catchment area school. 
An eligible pupil is defined as a pupil who is five (5) years of age or older on December 31 of the school year of attendance and a resident of Manitoba
Applying to a School of Choice

The First Step:
Download the official School of Choice application form.

Within Division/District School of Choice Form
Out Of Division/District School of Choice Form
Once completed, return the application form to your School of Choice on or before May 15 to be eligible for consideration to attend that school for the next fall term. A school is under no legislated obligation to consider applications received after May 15.
What happens next?
The school to which application has been made will advise the pupil's parent(s)/legal guardian(s) by June 30, whether or not that pupil has been accepted for the upcoming fall term. 
The sending school will also be informed of the decision.
Below please find a link to electronic copies of the “Within Division/District” School of Choice form and the “Out Of Division/District” School of Choice form.
It is preferred that parent/guardian goes to their home school to fill out application form.  If this is not possible, go to the link below, fill out the appropriate form and take the completed forms to the receiving school (your school of choice) for appropriate distribution.
Can I appeal the decision?

Yes, a School of Choice denial may be appealed by the parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing to:

Turtle Mountain School Division
Attention: Grant Wiesner, Superintendent/CEO
Box 280
Killarney, MB   R0K 1G0

Do I have to apply to the school each year, if I've been accepted?
No. Once accepted into a School of Choice, the pupil is entitled to continue at that school, year after year, as an approved pupil of that school as long as the family remains resident in the Division.

Manitoba Education & Training does not allow for siblings to be given School of Choice priority once one member of the family has been accepted into the school.

What if I've moved here before the first day of school, but after May 15?
If the schools are still in session, prior to July 1, contact the school principal of your home school. He or she will assist you with the registration procedures for the fall.