The following is a list of forms commonly used by TMSD staff.

If you are looking for a form and it does not appear on this page, please refer to the Procedure Manual.

2-J.1. Absentee and Substitute Report Form (Teachers & EAs)

2-K. Non-Teaching Casual "Time Sheet" 

2-K.1. Non-Teaching Overtime "Time Sheet" 

2-M. Request for Secretary/Library Overtime

2-W. Extra-Curricular Activities  

K-6a: Mileage Log Attachment for Employee Reimbursement (must download for fillable format)

3-I. Use of School Facilities Agreement  

4-B. Principal's Monthly Report

4-P. Swim Safe Permission

4-A. Field Trip and Extracurricular Plan

2-W. Extra-Curricular Activities (Procedure & Form)

Professional Growth Plan

6-I. Field Trips and Extracurricular Activities (Procedure)

11-C. Standard Mileage for Claims (Procedure)

The Manitoba Public School Employees Benefits Plans

PENSION PLAN for Non-Teaching Employees of Public Schools in Manitoba [pdf]

Custodial work schedule for additional cleaning

Weekly additional cleaning schedule

Accident Claim Forms

Incident Form

Grad Insurance Coverage forms:

Insurance Form

Insurance Coverage for Staff travelling outside of Manitoba 

HUB (Insurance coverage)

Travel Health Letter

1T035 Summary - Option C

1T035 Travel Card